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Re-connect with your spirit.  Experience the joy of life. Open your heart . Ground
yourself to Mother Earth.  Experience love and community. Release the blocks that
keep you from the miracle that you are. Dream the life you want to live into being.
Take one small step and the journey of a lifetime begins....
Indigenous healers have always understood that we live in a world of energy- all
matter around us and within us in energy in motion.  Our energetic field, often
referred to as an aura, is  the architect which creates and informs our physical  
form. In order to heal deeply from illness and emotional issues one needs to
release their imprint from the energetic field;  This allows dramatic changes in the
physical body as  well as in one's  life.  

Traditional Western medicine attempts to  heal from the inside out, which we are
discovering is a limited approach to health. If you have an ulcer, you ingest a pill and
change your diet. But this is an incomplete way to deal with the discordant energy  
which caused the condition. This is why holistic practices are flourishing. Clinical  
therapists are now integrating energy medicine  into their work  because it is so
effective.   If  the energetic body is re-balanced ,the physical, emotional, and
spiritual body follows.

In an energy medicine session, a practitioner with clinical skills will talk to you to
identify what you want to work on as well as what needs  to be shifted to create the
greatest positive change in your life.   Your field will then be tested and the
appropriate intervention  implemented. As in acupuncture, shamanic practitioners
work along the major nerve plexuses in the body which are commonly known as
"chakras". This mostly involves lying down in a relaxed state, with occasional light
touch to the head, as the energy body is re-balanced. Other techniques may involve
standing while discharging excessive or static energy from the meridians. Most  
shamanic practitioners use sacred objects handed down to them from their
teachers to help move the energy.

These techniques have been given many different names by different teachers- but
they all do the same thing- remove energy that no longer serves us, and  bring in
new energy  which does. Energy medicine also infuses us with the full spectrum of
energy, joy, and health which is our birthright.  

Some names given to these techniques in popular media are:  illumination, soul
retrieval, destiny retrieval, , extraction work. Regardless of name, people find the
results are long-lasting and life-changing.

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What is energy medicine and
shamanic healing?