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Our past participants joined us from their homes in the Northeast, as
well as from California, Colorado, Texas, Kansas City, Florida &
They shared their experience of the events with us:

Hi Kathryn,

The workshop was an incredible adventure (I can't believe it was
only 5 days!), and your masculine and feminine exercises were an
important piece of it for me. The way you set up the exercises
allowed me to get deeply in touch with these aspects, and work with
them in a powerful and transformative way that I continue to feel on
different levels of my being. You are a great teacher, so obviously
come from love, and manifest that contagious sense of humor you
encourage.. It's an honor to know you. I also felt very protected and
taken care of by Michael's presence and appreciated all his help
with the workshop.

Looking forward to more adventures together!

The workshop with Brian, Don Martin, Don Marco, and the
curanderas Dona Ysabel and Dona Olinda was an AMAZING
experience! Congrats and muchas gracias to you Kathryn and
Michael, for hosting and bringing these wisdom keepers to share
their love and knowledge with us.  LS

Thank you Kathryn. What an amazing experience. Count me in for
next time. :) KR

Thank you for organizing such an inspiring retreat, I am still
recovering, yes pure magic and beauty... the chance to reconnect
with spirit, recharge our medicine and work with Don Marco, Don
Martin and Dona Olinda and Dona Ysabel is priceless, shame I
missed the first part with Brian but please count me in for Lucid
Dreaming in the Spring- sounds like fun! Munay N

Hi Kathryn!
What a beautiful ceremony…thanks so much for holding
space…Peace and Love, D.

Thank you for an awesome workshop. Blessings, B

Hi Kathryn

I trust your all well in NYC. Thank you so much for the beautiful
week of learning and fun. Thanks again.
Munay, P

Hello Kathryn! I didn't get a chance to say goodbye and thank you for
doing all that you do! I had a wonderful time and hope to visit again
someday.  …Well my journey's just starting so I hope to have many
more experiences like that! Thank you for being such a wonderful
host. Take care! M.

Kathryn ,
Thanks to you for organizing the spectacular weekend. It was such a
beautiful energy and it was so perfect for where I am at this point in
my journey. I am  honored to have found new teachers in Don
MArtin, Don MArco and Brian. I am committed to the challenge and
will look to others from this new group of shamans to share their
experiences as we move forward.
Much love and light
Look forward to the despacho and hearing more about Monument
Marion S

Kathryn, thank you for all your hard work and dedication in putting
this workshop together, it was terrific!  When you return from your
well deserved vacation, please add my name to the list.  Would really
enjoy and need to do more work with Brian.  Thank you.
Michelle G
Salem, MA

Hi Kathryn,
Thank you so much for organising and hosting such a wonderful
weekend workshop. It was yet another life altering experience for
me and I certainly look forward to attending other workshops you
organise...Munay and enjoy your holiday

Thank you so much for organizing and hosting this powerful
weekend. It was a perfect mix of head and heart. Brian taught
helpful psychic skills, with his usual mix of practicality, mystery and
deep knowledge. Don Martin, Don Marco and (Forgive me I forget her
name, the ayuaska healer) all brought powerful but gentle healing
for the heart with their journeys, the despacho, and their message
of love and lightheartedness. It was a perfect combo that
complemented and balanced, seemingly accidentally.   I know that I
got just what I needed at this workshop-- and I did not even get a
healing session.
Coming together with other healers in learning, honoring, and
exploring was also meaningful. It's important to stay connected with
others who are in the world with us, doing this work. My every day
life can feel isolating at times.
I'd like to take the challenge- I am already trying to implement it.
Please keep me in the loop on all your things, and feel free to use my
testimonial if it fits your needs.  
Thanks once again,

Hi Kathryn,
What an amazing weekend you dreamed into being.  Thank you.
My plan is to do Brian's challenge.  I'll be starting while I'm away with
my parents, in Florida.
I'd be happy to join your group.
I loved my room. I do so love that labyrinth.
Thank you for wrapping me up in so much munay.

Munay Ki

Hey Kathryn, thanks for the email follow up.  This was a really great
trip for me...amazing shifts (much needed :D) occurred for me.  I
would love to be added to the 30 day challenge list.  

Thank you for all of your efforts and hard work in coordinating such
a beautiful weekend.  I did not have an opportunity to thank you in
person before I left on Monday, and did not want to leave it unsaid!  
Thank you, and thank you to Michael as well.  
I am still processing the beauty, generosity and humility of Don
Martin and Don Marco.  The ceremonies were incredibly powerful
and meaningful, and it was a privilege to be in such quality of
space.  How beautiful and responsible that they encourage us to
develop our own medicine, work from our heart, and begin the task
of honoring and healing North America too.  It was a deep honor to
experience such wise medicine men, who can laugh and sing and
create art the way they do.  I hope I have opportunity to be with them
again at some point in this life.
Look forward to hearing about Central Park Despacho Ceremony.  
Helping New York City is near to my heart.
Blessings and Munay,
Long Island, NY (Bayville)   

Thanks to all our participants and presenters
for making our October workshops at the Abode of the Message such an
success- What a magical long weekend of transformation we shared together!
From our workshop with Master shaman Brian Osborne, to "Walking in Ayni"
with the Sacred Masculine and Feminine", with our incredible Peruvian visitors
and shamans, Don Martin, Dona Ysabel, Dona Olinda and Don Marco, it was a
time oflearning and heart-opening that we will always remember.
We look forward to sharing more wisdom teachings with you in the future.