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For the acclaimed Twin healers October & November  2014. Please make your selection below.

Please make sure you email me first to confirm we still have private session available before paying. I will email you
back with what is available. Sessions are held in NYC with several available in Armonk, NY. Once your time/day is
confirmed, please make your payment as soon as possible to reserve your space, as the shamans sell out quickly.
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Participant Agreement
Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk
I, the participant, in making payment, understand that the Shamanic Workshops/Andean Healings/Readings/
Ceremony/Mesada Ceremony/and Private Sessions (hereafter referred to as Experience) are powerful. I understand
that the experience is powerful and, at times, may be a physically and emotionally intense experience. I also
understand that I will not be asked to do anything illegal, immoral, or against my will. I have chosen to participate in this
Experience out of my own free will and without coercion. I recognize and understand that this
Experience is a spiritual and healing experience, and not a form of mental, psychological, or medical therapy.  My
payment is my agreement. I also state that I have disclosed any and all medical conditions before registering hat are
pertinent to participating in the Experience. If I have anyconcern about the effect that this Experience might have on
my physical, mental, or emotional condition, I understand that it is recommended that I consult a licensed physician
and/or psychotherapist prior to participating. I understand I may be offered herbal tea or homeopathic remedies as part
of the Experience. I accept complete and sole responsibility for taking these legal substances. I understand that this
Program may involve shamanic journeying, altered states of consciousness, trance, and healings by shamans and that I
will be taking physical, emotional, psychological, and other risks that may positively transform my life. However, in the
event they result in any serious or fatal physical, emotional, or mental injury, I accept complete responsibility for such
risks and dangers.I accept complete responsibility for this Experience. I do not hold Kathryn Flynn
Michaels/,Earthkeepers Foundation,Michael Andrews, Serena Michaels, Earthkeepers LLC, APROSSEC, Ysabel Chingel,
Olivia Pintado, Garson Management, All Souls Unitarian Church,, and their support staff, their stockholders, officers,
directors, employees, consultants, and the Experience leaders, (hereafter referred to as Facilitators) responsible or
liable in any way for damages, injuries, accidents,diseases or problems that result or may result directly or indirectly
from the experience or from any other experiences or aspects of the Experience. That includes but is not limited to any
and all damages prior to, during, or subsequent to said Experience.I take full responsibility for all my actions,
conscious or unconscious, and, therefore, completely release the Facilitators collectively from all medical and legal
responsibility and liability forever with respect to these Experiences.I have read the financial terms and agree to them
I understand that participation in this program is at the discretion of the facilitators and I
agree to this completely. My payment indicates that I have given serious consideration to this commitment, and it
represents my intention to participate deeply and fully in this important medicine work.

(I will send you further instructions and what to bring to workshop/retreat/ceremony when I receive your deposit).
REFUNDS (NOT including $25 processing fee) are ONLY given if event is cancelled or in the event of medical or family
emergency. Please contact us in these cases. Tickets are transferable only on a case by case basis.
Private Healing Sessions in NYC: $205
Offered Oct29- Nov 3 , 2014
Mesada healing ceremony in NYC: $215
max: 12 participants. Offered Friday, Saturday, (&possibly
Thur&Sun), Oct 31&Nov 1 2014  
Private Healing Session near Exeter, New Hampshire  $165
Offered Tuesday & Wedsday Nov 4-5, 2014
Private Mesada ceremony near Exeter, New Hampshire $175
Offered Wednesday evening November 5th, 2014
Community event at Cricket Hill ,  near Exeter NH. Tuesday, Nov 4th, 6:45-8:45pm. Meet the Twins and
experience their incredible energy. Learn about their remarkable history and culture, & receive a
blessing from these amazing healers. There will also be a chance for Q&A.  Suggested donation $20-30.
Please pay what you are able.
Suggested Donation (your choice)
Small workshop with Twins in NH on Clearing Ancestral DNA.  Monday Nov 3, 2pm  $100/person Invitation Only