Earthkeepers Foundation
Acclaimed Healers, "The Twins" limited engagement in NYC&NH
Re-charge your heart and spirit,
re-connect and ground to mother earth,
expand your wisdom & understanding
and open your heart
the famous medicine women and healers
from the North Coast of Peru,
Doña Ysabel  and Doña Olinda, "The Twins"
for their limited engagement in New York City
& Exeter, New Hampshire
Oct 29--Nov 3, NYC Upper East Side
Nov 4-5 near Exeter, NH (50 min North of Boston)

We hope you will join us for this rare opportunity to learn from these
impeccable healers who teach from a place of pure Unconditional Love.
Featured on the Discovery Channel, and Dr.Bonnie Glass Coffin's book,
"The Gift of Life".

They are offering:
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October 29-November 3 NYC
Nov 4-5, Exeter, NH
Private healing sessions with both of The Twins :
People travel from far and wide to be healed by the Twins in their small town
of Chiclayo in Peru. They are known for their "angel hands" and miraculous
cures of many diseases, including those considered "terminal". Due to their
successes their healing methods are being studied by doctors and scientists.
They have been featured in books and documentaries.
Sessions offered: From October 28, Wednesday morning through November
3,Sunday late afternoon in NYC.
Wednesday morning through Thursday later afternoon in NH (Nov 6-7)

Sacred Mesada San Pedro Ceremonies:
Oct 26-27 Friday,Saturday evenings NYC (will add Thursday Oct 30 &
Sunday, Nov 2 as we sell-out)
Nov 5th, Wed evening NH: Sacred Mesada Ceremony.
(lasts between 90 min-2 1/2 hrs)The core ceremony of their ancient healing
practice, this ceremony is incredible! You will be cleansed and purified in this
incredible Mesada and meet their sacred teacher, San Pedro. Read below for
more information on the Ceremony. Offered Fri, Sat, (NYC) & possibly
Thursday & Sunday & Wednesday night (NH).

Tuesday evening, November 4th
Introduction to the Healing Medicine of The Twins
with a Blessing by the
Twins at Cricket Hill, near Exeter, NH
This is a wonderful way to acquaint yourself with the powerful healing
tradition of these master curanderas. They will talk about the unique journey
that lead them to become some of the most beloved healers in Peru. This is
a rare opportunity to learn, and will plant a powerful seed to open your heart.
Simply being in their presence has a beneficial effect, and along with a short
blessing ceremony, you will come away richer for the experience. Q& A also

See below for more details and prices:

Private Session: $205
Sacred Mesada Ceremony: $215

In private natural setting on a powerful feminine healing vortex
Due to much lower overhead, outside the city, prices are:
Private Session: $165
Sacred Mesada Ceremony: $175

Dear Earthkeeper and Friend,

I want to invite you to rare and beautiful experience of the heart- an experience of healing your body
and re-vitalizing your spirit.

Referred to as the “Twins”, Dona Ysabel & Dona Olinda were chosen to be healers over 30 years ago
in the small town of Chiclayo, Peru. Their incredible story is one of the main topics of the book “The
Gift of Life” by Dr. Bonnie Glass Coffin.  Once they were “claimed” by spirit to heal, their lives were
never the same again. Today they are some of the most beloved and acclaimed healers in Peru,
having seen thousands of clients from far and wide and healing bodies, minds and spirits with their
“angel hands” using methods that combine their Catholic background with ancient traditional
medicine whose roots are thousands of years old, and trace their lineage back to the Pre-Incan
Moche culture. It was their deep knowledge of this ancient medicine that also lead to one of the
biggest archaeological breakthroughs this decade in pre-Incan culture- which is the subject of the
Discovery Channel documentary, “Secrets of a Moche Tomb” featuring the Twins.

The Twins renown grew rapidly due to their miraculous cures with terminal cancers and disease.
Their cures have been so numerous and successful that the local community health group, including
medical doctors, are studying their methods.  For over 30 years, they have worked tirelessly in their
community to share their healing and love. This is the third time they will make the big trip to the
United States to share their medicine with us.

For the past several years, I have had the honor of getting to know these beautiful women first hand
during the workshops, ceremonies and private sessions they have done with Earthkeepers
Foundation. I have witnessed the power of their work, which is sourced from a sacred place of deep
unconditional love.  I will always remember the time they worked on a young autistic boy who had not
been able to look his mother in the eye since birth. Nor had he been able to stop his hand flapping.
When he came down from his first session, he calmly looked his mother in the eye, hands at his sides
and gave her a hug. The mother was in tears as she said, “this is the first time my boy has looked me
in the eye”.  This young boy had found the Twins after being recommended by another mother whose
son has since “recovered” from mild autism- and this mother directly attributes his steady cure to
the sessions he had with the Twins along with the herbal teas they prescribed.  I personally was
changed by my work with them; after attending two Mesada ceremonies, my heart experienced an
indescribable sensation of rejuvenation and joy that remains with me today. It also enhanced the
healing work I do with my clients.

The Twins attribute their gifts to their guiding spirit of San Pedro, who informs them as to what work
needs to be done on each client to obtain wholeness.  San Pedro is the traditional Saint that “chose”
them as healers and is also represented by the plant San Pedro.  Traditionally, for thousands of years,
the spirit of this plant is ingested to expand ones ability to heal others. The Twins, having worked with
this spirit for so long, can access its guidance at any time without any herbal assistance. The Twins
heal clients by several methods: hands on healing (as in private sessions), the use of herbs and teas,
as well as the traditional core ceremony of the North coast, or Peru, known as the Mesada ceremony.
This ceremony deepens the individual work the Twins do, and helps to rapidly clear the heavy energy
in the client’s field. In this ceremony, The Twins guide a group as they directly experiences the spirit
helper of San Pedro, and in doing so release years of accumulated heavy energy, thanks to the
interaction between the healers and San Pedro as it works with the group.

We hope everyone has the opportunity to experience these wonderful healers,

In Munay,
Kathryn Flynn Michaels
Executive Director
Private Healing Sessions with The Twins (last just under 1 hour) :

In your full session with The Twins, Dona Ysabel & Olinda, you will receive a powerful combination
  • A diagnostic reading
  • A cleanse
  • A healing
  • A blessing
A deep healing is the Twins specialty. They are sought out in their home town to cure issues relating
from poor health to unhealthy relationships. They are also wonderful with children. Both healers
work on you during the session.
In the event of special requests and issues, please let the Twins know at the beginning of your session
so that they  may best assist you.
North Coastal Mesada San Pedro Evening Ceremony. A gentle introduction to
sacred plant medicine
limited to 12 people. Lasts between 90 minutes and 2+ hours

Offered Fri, Sat, & Wed nights (start time listed above)(possibly Thur&Sun)
In the evenings, Doña Ysabel Chinguel and Doña Olinda Pintado will present the sacred
mesada ceremony which last aproximately 2 hours. Chosen by the divine
San Pedro spirit
to be healers, these wonderful curanderas offer us their beautiful feminine healing energy
as they heal our luminous bodies and reconnect with mother earth. In this cleansing
ceremony they will work with native Andean herbs, and sacred objects. This Ceremony is an
additional fee and is not included in the price of the workshop. It is a gentle and heart
opening ceremony. This ceremony deeply cleanses the heart and luminous body. It has had
incredible results in my own life. Please email me with any questions :
This Sacred Mesada ceremony includes San Pedro ceremony and personal healings.
Ingestion of homeopathic herbal tea required.